Surveys & Inspections

of GRP, Wood, Steel and Aluminium Vessels

Surveys and Inspections of GRP, Wood, Steel and Aluminium Vessels

Surveys & Inspections

of GRP, Wood, Steel and Aluminium Vessels

Surveys and Inspections of GRP, Wood, Steel and Aluminium Vessels

Other Services

Damage Surveys

A Damage Survey is usually commissioned by an insurance company as part of a claim investigation. Its function is to establish the extent of the damage and to give an estimate of the cost of repair. The Damage Survey may be extended to investigate the probable cause of the casualty. This could include interviewing witnesses and those involved and gathering information on behalf of the insurers.

Warranty Reports

A Warranty investigation may be commissioned by a boat owner, boat manufacturer, distributor or dealer, where there is disagreement over responsibility for rectifying defects or omissions during a vessels warranty period. Both parties will normally appoint their own surveyor.


This inspection is conducted in order to determine or justify the fair market value of the craft and is normally needed for insurance, marine mortgage or other finance. It can also be required for probate, insolvency or for other legal reasons.

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

Ultrasonic Thickness testing is used to determine the remaining plate thickness and therefore the integrity of steel and aluminium vessels. A Cygnus 4 Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is used, this is a multiple echo instrument that can read through protective coatings and corrosion.

The Ultrasonic Thickness Report includes diagrams indicating where the readings were taken.

A reduced fee is payable if the Ultrasonic Thickness Survey is carried out at the same time as a Pre Purchase, Full Condition or Insurance Survey.

Oil Analysis

One of the most expensive items aboard any vessel is the engine (or engines), they can cost many hundreds or thousands of pounds to repair or replace if in a poor condition. Oil analysis can be most beneficial as a long term prediction tool where wear trends in an engine or gearbox can be identified, and by early identification of contamination and wear particles, possible component failure can be predicted. This can significantly reduce costs by identifying a simple solution before a major failure is allowed to occur.

A single sample although not as instructive as long term monitoring can give a good indication of the condition of an engine and will allow the boat owner or boat buyer to gain a snapshot of the internal condition of an engine on the day of survey that cannot be identified by visual inspection or sea trials alone, and with the results from the laboratory tests it may be possible to locate components that are close to failure. (Providing the oil has not recently been renewed).

McNeil Marine if requested can provide oil sampling as part of a survey or as an independent test. If required we can arrange to sample a boats engine and or gearbox oil at regular intervals to help give an early indication of possible component failure.

Laboratory testing of the oil is conducted by, and the report on the condition of the engine provided by FA-ST UK Ltd.

Osmosis Inspections

Blistering in GRP hulls can strike terror in the boat owner, but it is rarely a terminal condition. In its early stages it may require no more than occasional checking to determine the rate of development and even when well advanced can now be successfully treated.


Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Full Condition Surveys

A Full Condition Survey is similar to a Pre Purchase Survey and can be requested by a boat owner for a number of reasons, It is often commissioned by an owner who is selling their boat as this enables the boat to be sold with a recent survey report. The report can be re assigned to the new owner for a small fee.